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Eschucha y aprende - Michael's Journal
yard values
my journal
March 2010

Michael Engle
Date: 2010-01-22 18:21
Subject: Eschucha y aprende
Security: Public
After what seems like too long, we're listening to Escucha y aprende tonight, the mixdisk of Spanish-language music that Lucy and Eduardo assembled in 2007 to help us learn more Spanish. It's become an anthemic collection, each song bringing back an image, a set of images, memories of being in Chile. The whole thing stands for a piece of my soul that nothing else exposes in that particular way--a yearning, some kind of freedom from the weight of my birth culture. Yes, Chile has its own contorted and unique history.

My soul feels like a a holey pair of longjohns turned inside out and tossed on the floor.

Related: I've signed up to take the CUSLAR Spanish conversation class this spring, after a long break. I'm terrified to start again, but surely I have more to work with now than I did when I stopped two years go, halfway through the intermediate level.
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