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The January thaw, rainy version - Michael's Journal
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March 2010

Michael Engle
Date: 2010-01-24 13:16
Subject: The January thaw, rainy version
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Had some days of good sun and above freezing temperatures. Warm enough to pry some previously frozen hunks of compost in process out of the compost barrel to feed to the wormies. And move some firewood around and re-stack it under the porch. Now a hunk of rain is on the way north from the Gulf of Mexico, arriving this evening and overnight.

In the past I would have resented the thaw, melting away the base for skiing and snow play. Now i just imagine all the melting snow and the rain sinking into the ground and replenishing the ground water, priming the earth for the spring growth that is still two months or more in the future. On our south-facing slope the ground is mostly unfrozen so that the water can sink in. It's different story on the shaded, north-facing slopes in the woods. There the ground is still frozen and the combination of the warmer rains with melting snow pack could slide rapidly over the ground and into Six Mile Creek, causing some flooding.

Which reminds me of the big floods I have seen occurring in winter, one in central Ohio in the 1950s and one on the Willamette River near Salem in the 1980s. The winter floods are the big ones here. No tree leaves to break the force of the rainfall. Frozen ground that absorbs almost nothing of the rain.

So the rain will come and we will focus on "inside activities" later today and tonight while the storm does its best.
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