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Snow day - Michael's Journal
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March 2010

Michael Engle
Date: 2010-02-26 18:13
Subject: Snow day
Security: Public
Well, I did go to work today. In jeans and gaiters. With a sled which I used to slide down Libe Slope over toward the Johnson Museum on my lunch hour. We had a solid 14 inches of mostly wet snow early this morning when it finally paused snowing. After our morning shoveling routine, I got in five slides down Water Street before the grader came and scraped the snow away. The grader driver had a lot of finesse with that grader blade and used it to keep from leaving big snow rows at the ends of our driveways--good going grader driver!

Things are always a little loose at work on the big snow days. A huge snowball fight broke out on the Arts Quad around 2 pm and continued for an hour or so. About 500 students were throwing snowballs, some from the second floor deck on Olin Library, right above my office, and the rest on the ground below. It was massive--one guy had a gas mask on, another guy was shirtless. Everyone was smiling and having a hell of a time. Every so often, low snowballs would smash on the glass windows of our offices, but the snow was so soft it was no big deal. Loud, though.

This is the kind of weather that makes winter worthwhile.
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